Polo File Manager v18.1 BETA

Polo v18.1 is now available.

What’s New

File Compare

Options were added for comparing text files. Selected file is taken as first file for comparison. It can be compared with a file of same name in opposite pane, or with another file in another location. Beyond Compare will be used if installed on the system. Diffuse will be used if Beyond Compare is not found.

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Battery Monitor v17.12

Battery Monitor v17.12 is now available.

The dashboard now displays battery health. This is normally 100% for a new battery, and slowly degrades with time. For example, my two-year old laptop shows a health of 78%, which indicates that only 78% of the original capacity is left. Average life has also reduced to ~8 hours compared to ~10 hours when it was new.

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Aptik NG Preview

A new version of Aptik named Aptik NG is currently in development. It is essentially a rewrite of Aptik with support for more Linux distributions, and can migrate system settings and data with fewer issues.

Aptik NG is designed to be more robust than Aptik, while supporting non-Ubuntu distributions as well. It can be used on any Linux distribution based on Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, and Arch Linux. Backup files created by Aptik NG are also better structured and easier to edit by hand.

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