Aptik v19.10

Aptik v19.10 is now available.

What’s New

Scheduled Refresh

You can now select a schedule for refreshing the Aptik backups. The backup can be scheduled to run on a daily frequency, at a fixed time, on specific weekdays.

UI Theme

UI theme can now be changed from Appearance tab.

Select System if you wish to keep your system theme.


A personal license for Aptik is currently available for $25. This is a single-user license that is valid for lifetime, and includes future updates.

Buy Licence


You will receive an email with installation steps after you purchase a licence.

If you have already purchased the licence, the update will be installed automatically when you update your system. You can install it immediately with the following commands:

sudo apt update && sudo apt install aptik-gtk

One thought on “Aptik v19.10

  1. Hey Tony! I’m working on a huge German-language tutorial for Aptik v18.8. Will you create a slim Aptik free version for Ubuntu 20.04? Or will Aptik v18.8 work with 20.04 LTS (GnomeUI/64-bit)?


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