Ukuu v19.04

Ukuu v19.04 is now available.

What’s New

Support for installing low-latency kernels

Support has been added for installing low-latency kernels from the PPA. This can be changed from Settings window.

Kernel Flavor is set to Generic by default and can be changed to Low-latency.

What are low latency kernels?

Low-latency kernels minimise latency at the cost of throughput. This is useful for workloads such as audio processing and recording.

If you are a musician who connects musical instruments (such as MIDI synthesizers) to your system, you may see better response times using a low-latency kernel. The difference is noticeable mostly on low-end hardware, and is negligible on high-end systems.

For normal desktop and server use, the generic kernels provide a better balance between latency and throughput.

Tooltips for installed kernels

A list of packages is now displayed in tooltip for installed kernels. This shows which installed packages are associated with that kernel.

Some of these packages may be shared by more than one kernel (if both generic and low latency kernels installed for same version).


  • Fixed an issue which would cause a crash on start-up
  • Fixed an issue which would result in a “terminal is busy” error
  • An error message will be displayed if index is older than 2 days and a fresh index cannot be downloaded. The message can be dismissed to continue with older index.
  • Selected series will remain selected after installing/removing kernels and returning to the list
  • Terminal will not accept input after the kernel has been installed/removed.
  • Clear Cache button in Settings will remove the entire ~/.cache/ukuu folder instead of removing files inside the folder.
  • Added package dependency for zenity. This dependency was missing in previous version. Zenity is used to display a message box after a new kernel is installed automatically in the background. Users who didn’t have it installed would not see the message.


A personal license is currently available. This is a single-user license that is valid for lifetime, and includes future updates.

Buy License

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