Aptik v18.5.2

Aptik v18.5.2 is now available

I’ve made some changes to the GTK app to make it easier to use. There are now 3 UI modes — easy, advanced and expert.

The Easy mode shows a single page in navigation panel named “Backup” or “Restore”. This page has options for one-click backup (All Items) that was there in previous version of Aptik. This mode is recommended for first time users and for users who don’t want to go into the finer details of what is being backed-up or restored.

The Advanced mode displays pages for individual items.

The Expert mode shows 2 additional pages for Files and Scripts.

Files — Files and folders added here will be restored on the target system. Files will be overwritten without warning. File metadata such as permissions, owner, etc will be preserved. Please use this carefully.

Scripts — Bash scripts added here will be executed on the target system. This is useful for doing any remaining customisation after restoring other items. These scripts are executed at the end of all other restore steps when executed with aptik --restore-all . Scripts can also be executed separately with aptik --execute-scripts.

There’s a new animation that will be shown while creating backups. This is shown only for those backups which are quick. For backups that take time, the window will switch to terminal page to show progress.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.


Ubuntu-based distributions (Ubuntu, Linux Mint, etc)

Packages are available in Launchpad PPA for supported Ubuntu releases. Run following commands in a terminal window:

sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:teejee2008/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install aptik aptik-gtk

DEB and RUN files are available on the release page for aptik and aptik-gtk.

Debian, Arch Linux and Fedora-based Distributions

DEB and RUN files are available on the release page for aptik and aptik-gtk. Download and execute the RUN files from a terminal window:

# 64-bit
sh ./aptik-*-amd64.run
sh ./aptik-gtk-*-amd64.run


Aptik is a non-commercial application. I work on it during my free time based on my requirements and interest. If you wish to support this project, you can make a donation for $10 or more via PayPal. Your contributions will help keep the project alive and support future development.

PayPal ~ If you find this application useful and wish to say thanks, you can buy me a coffee by making a donation with PayPal.

Patreon ~ You can also sign up as a sponsor on Patreon.com. As a patron you will get access to beta releases of new applications that I’m working on. You will also get news and updates about new features that are not published elsewhere.

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