Polo v18.3 Preview

New Device Manager

Next release of Polo will feature a new design for the device popup. It now shows more information while being easier on the eyes.

Columns for size, file system and mount path can be hidden to reduce the amount of information displayed in the popup. Here’s how it looks like with all columns hidden.

If you notice, device icons now reflect the device type. For example, memory cards will be displayed with proper icons as seen above.

Clicking Actions will switch to a mode that makes it easier to manage devices. A row of actions will be displayed for the device that is currently selected.

Backup & Restore lets you dump and restore partitions to a file.

Reformat will reformat the selected device.

New Preview/Properties Pane

There’s a new preview/properties pane that can be toggled using buttons in the toolbar and status bar. You can use it to preview many files quickly, using arrow keys on the keyboard. You can also change properties such as owner, group, permissions, etc.

MPlayer/MPV is used as the back-end to preview Music, Videos, GIFS, etc.

You can leave a donation if you find this application useful, and if you wish to support its development. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

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