Ukuu v17.12.1

Ukuu v17.12.1 is now available.

What’s New

Wayland Support

In previous versions, the console app (ukuu) had Gtk dependencies and required admin privileges for installing kernel packages. It would fail to run under Wayland, since Wayland doesn’t allow Gtk apps to run as admin.

Gtk dependencies have been removed for the console app. It can now be used in a Wayland session, which is the default on Ubuntu 17.10. It can also be used on systems which doesn’t have a display server installed

Internet Connectivity Fixes

The code for checking internet connectivity is updated to support systems where ping is not available (ping is sometimes blocked by system administrators).

The code now uses curl to test the connection to Curl supports proxy servers that may be configured on your system. These are usually specified in environment variables:




You can add above lines to your ~/.bashrc file if you wish to use any specific proxies for connecting to the internet.

Other Changes

  • Update notification window now shows up in taskbar so that you can minimise and restore it later. It didn’t show up in taskbar in previous versions.
  • Installers are now compressed with XZ. This reduces size of installer, but also requires XZ to be installed on the target system.


PayPal ~ If you find this application useful and wish to say thanks, you can buy me a coffee by making a donation with Paypal.

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