Ukuu v17.12

Ukuu v17.12 is now available.

What’s New

  • #20 – Fixed: Use xdg-open to open CHANGES file instead of using exo-open and gedit
  • #6 – Fixed: User’s home directory was not detected correctly.
  • #26 – Fixed sizing issues with CustomMessageDialog on some versions of GTK+ toolkit. This would make the message unreadable as the window size was too small.
  • #3 – Fixed an error in parsing kernel version string. This would cause an update notifcation even when there were no updates available.


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3 thoughts on “Ukuu v17.12

    1. Builds have failed for these kernels. There’s an error message on the page.

      Build for amd64 failed (see BUILD.LOG.amd64):

      We need to wait till this is fixed by Ubuntu.


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