Aptik NG Preview

A new version of Aptik named Aptik NG is currently in development. It is essentially a rewrite of Aptik with support for more Linux distributions, and can migrate system settings and data with fewer issues.

Aptik NG is designed to be more robust than Aptik, while supporting non-Ubuntu distributions as well. It can be used on any Linux distribution based on Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, and Arch Linux. Backup files created by Aptik NG are also better structured and easier to edit by hand.

The GTK frontend has also been rewritten. It now runs as a normal user and prompts for admin priviledges when required. This enables it to run in a Wayland session, which doesn’t support GUI applications that run as admin.

In addition to taking backups and restoring them, Aptik NG can also be used for managing your system. It provides a simple GUI frontend to manage repositories, users, groups, etc.

Aptik NG will be released in January.

Improvements over Aptik

  • Adds support for distributions based on Fedora and Arch Linux
  • Adds support for backup and restore of installed fonts and dconf settings
  • New GTK frontend with support for running under Wayland
  • Options to view and manage ppas, packages, etc
  • Separate packages for command line and GTK versions – aptik-ng and aptik-ng-gtk


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